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Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney Paul S. Nash

Irvine Bankruptcy Attorney

The Law Offices of Paul S. Nash are located in Irvine, California, near the Spectrum Entertainment and Retail Center, primarily representing businesses and individuals in Southern California.

Paul Nash, an Irvine bankruptcy attorney, has specialized for over thirty years representing:

  • Closely-held businesses and their owners, in matters of organization, financing, contract, merger & acquisition, and related operating issues;
  • Nonprofit organizations and Private Foundations, in organizational and operational matters, obtaining tax exempt status (state and Federal), international grantmaking and foreign operating issues; “BAM” loan matters (documentation, for-profit subsidiaries or affiliates, and other issues); social enterprise matters (and related unrelated business tax matters);
  • Individuals with their Estate Planning needs, from those just starting their families, to sophisticated planning for high net worth individuals, families and business owners, including charitable giving;
  • Individuals, small businesses, and creditors in Bankruptcy: individuals in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or Chapter 11; small companies in Chapter 11; and creditors to enforce their rights in any Chapter.

Choose an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney in Irvine

Bad economic times have hit everyone and both consumers and businesses can find themselves faced with serious debt. Medical emergencies, job loss, and shifts in business trends can quickly change your financial situation and put you at risk. Paul S. Nash is an experienced Irvine bankruptcy attorney and provides excellent bankruptcy services for individuals and businesses.

Over more than thirty years, Paul S. Nash has helped countless clients resolve oppressive debt and related credit issues. Not paying your bills is not an option and consequences may include:

  •     Foreclosure
  •     Repossession
  •     Wage garnishment
  •     Tax liens
  •     Collector harassment
  •     Loss of business

After a thorough review, Paul S. Nash, a bankruptcy lawyer in Irvine, will consider which type of bankruptcy is applicable and offers you the broadest legal protection. In some cases, Mr. Nash may believe you have other viable legal options to filing bankruptcy and offers advice on those alternative strategies for you to consider.

Whatever legal options you choose to pursue, Mr. Nash stands behind your decision and provides excellent legal guidance throughout the process.

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Contact our Irvine Bankruptcy Attorneys today

Please contact Mr. Nash by phone or email to learn more about bankruptcy law, or about your legal issues, questions or needs. Provide as much information as possible regarding your inquiry. While your contact does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow us to begin an assessment of your needs and provide a helpful response to your inquiry.

Contact the Law Offices of Paul S. Nash to arrange a consultation to discuss your finances and whether filing bankruptcy is the answer for you.

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