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Irvine Bankruptcy Lawyer

More than 30 years experience

Bankruptcy is a valid legal option when faced with serious debt. A seasoned Irvine bankruptcy lawyer can help protect your assets and your rights. Because bankruptcy is complex seasoned Irvine bankruptcy lawyers can provide sound legal advice about your options.

Though bankruptcy may seem like a personal decision, in reality it is really a financial decision-sometimes, a necessary one. From individuals to large corporations bankruptcy can protect you when debt piles up due to circumstances beyond your control. If bankruptcy is the appropriate answer for your situation, you have the right to benefit from bankruptcy protection.

Ask our Bankruptcy law firm in Irvine about option
Our Irvine bankruptcy law firm handles many types of bankruptcy including:

  •     Chapter 7 bankruptcy
  •     Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  •     Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Irvine bankruptcy lawyers that give you a personal touch
The Law Offices of Paul S. Nash handles each case on an individual basis and carefully reviews your financial situation including:

  •     Income
  •     Expenses
  •     Debts
  •     Assets
  •     Tax liabilities

Filing for bankruptcy is a serious step and requires an experienced bankruptcy attorney to help you through the process. Paul S. Nash has provided bankruptcy and related legal services to Irvine clients for over three decades.

Irvine Bankruptcy Help for Individuals
Chapter 7 fresh start, including pre-petition planning to preserve assets from liquidation in legal and ethical ways permitted by the Bankruptcy Code
Chapter 13 wage earner plan bankruptcy filings

Mr. Nash also represents creditors in collection matters in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases such as

  •     Debtors
  •     Creditors
  •     Landlords
  •     Potential purchasers of assets in bankruptcy proceedings

Irvine Bankruptcy help for Businesses
The firm represents companies in Chapter 7 liquidation and assists businesses in Chapter 11 proceedings to reorganize, and/or with the sale of assets to third parties free and clear of liens and encumbrances. He helps companies to:

  •     Restructure debt with existing creditors
  •     Negotiate for and obtain new financing (equity investments)
  •     Negotiate for and obtain credit

Additional legal services
Mr. Nash represents Irvine clients in these areas as well:

  •     Corporate insolvency
  •     Commercial litigation
  •     Bankruptcy-related asset acquisitions or sale
  •     Business reorganizations in bankruptcy (small to mid-size companies)

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Irvine bankruptcy lawyers can be invaluable assets in tough financial situations. Please contact Mr. Nash by phone or email to learn more about bankruptcy law, or about your legal issues, questions or needs. Provide as much information as possible regarding your inquiry. While your contact does not serve to establish an attorney/client relationship, it will allow us to begin an assessment of your needs and provide a helpful response to your inquiry.

Contact the Law Offices of Paul S. Nash to arrange a consultation to discuss your finances and whether filing bankruptcy is the answer for you.

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